Nomination: Recruitment of younger senior researchers of high international class in mathematics

The goal is to strengthen the research and research environments in mathematics at Swedish universities by recruiting internationally prominent senior researchers early in their careers.

Call to nominate

Swedish Universities are invited to nominate up to three candidates, at least one of whom is from the under-represented gender.
The grant is a five-year, freely available support of SEK 12 million for research of the recruited candidate. The universities co-finance the initiative by guaranteeing funding for at least one PhD student and one postdoc linked to the recruited researcher.

Who can be nominated?

Swedish Universities can apply for recruitment support by nominating individual mathematics researchers with between 5 and 12 years, or in exceptional cases, shorter experience after dissertation. The nominees should have research and development potential of the highest international class and are expected to contribute to strengthening the existing research environment at their university. 

Application period

The application period begins May 1. Last day of application October 1 before midnight.

Conditions and application

The application is submitted by the nominating institution to Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation via the e-application and must consist of three parts where part 1 briefly describes the Swedish research environment where the researcher will work, where part 2 justifies the value of the nominated researcher for this environment, and where part 3 is written by the nominated researcher and contains a concise research plan.


The application should be written in English except for the short scientific summary in Swedish. Please attach all appendences in PDF format.

The nomination should include:

  • Vice chancellor approval/ the University nomination 
  • Project description in three parts, according to above mentioned instruction. (Maximum 6 pages or 21 000 characters.)
  • Project summary – a brief popular scientific summary in English (maximum 2 000 characters including blanks.)
  • The research qualifications of the nominee, i.e. CV (maximum two A4 pages) covering positions held, awards received, and postdoctoral research stays together with academic achievements
  • A bibliography, indicating the 5 most important works including motivation
  • A brief popular scientific summary in Swedish (maximum one A4 page, 3 500 characters.)
  • A budget in accordance with the standard budget application form

Instructions e-application

  • Main applicant: state information of the responsible researcher (Nominations for the research program can be made by researchers permanently active in Sweden, including heads of department, university managements and corresponding)
  • Start/ending date: state 2022-07-01 or 2023-01-01, ending date after five years
  • Co-applicant: state the name of the nominated researcher
  • The application must consist of three parts where part 1 must briefly describe Swedish research in the environment where the researcher will work, where part 2 must justify the value to link the named researcher to their environment, and where part 3 must be written by the intended researcher and must contain a concise research plan.

Evaluation and Assessment criteria

The assessment of the applications will be based on three main points: academic quality, feasibility of the proposed research plan in the intended environment and the relative importance of the guest researcher's presence for the Swedish receiving institution.


A list of successful applicants will be published on the website during the winter. 


Tobias Ekholm,
Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation,


Budget application form (in Swedish)
To the e-application