Postdoctoral Scholarship Program in Mathematics for researchers with a Swedish doctors degree

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Science invites applications to a scholarship program for two years postdoc studies abroad. The program is open for researchers with a Swedish doctor’s degree. After two years abroad there is an opportunity to receive financing for a research position up to two years at a Swedish University if the applicant cannot find another position.

In collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences have the Foundation decided to support Swedish research in mathematics. The aim is for Sweden to recover its position at the international cutting edge by giving the best young researchers international experience and by recruiting young as well as more experienced mathematicians to Sweden.

Swedish research in mathematics has a longstanding tradition but has lost ground internationally during recent decades. Despite alarming reports about mathematics in the educational system there are a lot of competent Swedish students who measure up internationally and want to undertake doctoral studies in mathematics. Furthermore, there is a considerable demand for PhD-holding mathematicians in academia as well as in the commercial and industrial world. The Foundation is now funding up to SEK 200 m. during a six-year period in order to further develop Swedish research in mathematics.

Conditions and application

The Stipend is for a period of two years of postdoctoral studies. The Stipend amounts to approximately USD 65,000 or EUR 50 000 annually and a possibility to apply for USD 10,000 or EUR 7,500 as an annual allowance for accompanying family members. The stipend includes travel grant and the standard post-doc medical benefits at the host university.

Following the postdoctoral studies there is an opportunity to receive funding from the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation for a Research position at a Swedish University for up to two years, this in case that the applicant cannot find another position.

After each year a progress report shall be prepared and sent to the Foundation.

The applicants should have a doctor´s degree from a Swedish University at the time when the postdoctoral period starts, the exam cannot be older than four years.
The Stipend cannot be combined with other stipends or positions.

A complete application should contain the applicant’s CV and include a list of publications, a brief description of the proposed research program and a description of the research profile of the intended host and supervisor. A letter of recommendation from the intended host should be sent directly to the Foundation via e-mail to If the applicant has not received the doctor’s exam at the time of the application a letter from the tutoring professor should be enclosed where actual date for exam is stated. Each applicant should ensure that two separate letters of recommendation with comments on the research program are submitted directly to the Foundation, via e-mail, before the end of the application term.

The application shall be written in English except the short scientific summary which shall be written in Swedish.

The Foundation uses an electronic application system.

Application period

The application period starts in June 17,  and a complete application shall be submitted to the Foundation at no later than October 5.


The class for Mathematics at the Royal Swedish Academy of Science will be responsible for the review process.


A list of successful applicants will be published on the Foundations web-site during


Contact person at the Royal Swedish Academy of Science is Ms Cecilia Herbst

Additional information

Instruction E-application