Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2012

Wallenberg Academy Fellows is the largest private initiative to support young researchers in Sweden. It is a new career programme aimed at promising researchers in all disciplines. The programme provides long-term funding and enables the best researchers to focus on their research and it contributes to the internationalization of the Swedish research environment.

The programme has been founded by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in close collaboration with five royal academies and sixteen Swedish universities. The universities nominate researchers; the academies evaluate the candidates and present a shortlist of the most promising researchers to the foundation, which then makes the final selection. The universities assume long-term responsibility for the selected researchers’ work.

The Wallenberg Academy Fellows are awarded a five-year grant amounting to between SEK 5 million and 7.5 million per researcher. After this first term, fellows can apply for an additional five years of funding.

Engineering Scince

Michael Malkoch, Associate Professor
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Developing bone adhesive with click chemistry

Charlotte Platzer Björkman, Associate Professor
Uppsala University

She develops cheaper and more environmentally friendly solar cells


Per Axelsson, PhD
Umeå University

Studying indigenous health


Marie Carlén, PhD
Karolinska Institutet

New light technology sheds light on the cause of mental illness

David Engblom, Associate Professor
Linköping University

Mapping the neurobiology behind feelings of unease

Johan Malmström, PhD
Lund University

The bonds that make the bacterium aggressive

Björn Nilsson, PhD
Lund University

He is seeking knowledge about cancer using mathematics

Mia Phillipson, Associate Professor
Uppsala University

She maps the immune system in the fight against common diseases

Gilad Silberberg, Associate Professor
Karolinska Institutet

Unexplored depth in the brain controls body movements

Camilla Svensson, PhD
Karolinska Institutet

Searching for the source of chronic pain

Natural Science

Robert Berman, PhD
Chalmers University of Technology

Mathematics that describes the universe's geometric structure

Jan Conrad, Professor
Stockholm University

On the front line for research on dark matter

Kimberly Dick Thelander, Associate Professor
Lund University

She wants to see how nanothreads grow

Ellen Dorrepaal, PhD
Umeå University

Thawing permafrost affects our climate

David Drew, PhD
Stockholm University

New knowledge about glucose transporters at atomic level

Johan Elf, Associate Professor
Uppsala University

Multidisciplinary research into life at the molecular level

Martin Högbom, Associate Professor
Stockholm University

Basic chemical research on metals and enzymes

Kirsten Kraiberg Knudsen, PhD
Chalmers University of Technology

With her sights set on the outermost limits of the universe

Johanna Rosén, Associate Professor
Linköping University

She designs nanolaminates with tailored properties

Tobias Uller, PhD
Lund University

Nature and nurture both important

Social Science

Gustaf Gredebäck, Professor
Uppsala University

Adult intelligence is already formed in the crib

Johan Lundström, PhD
Karolinska Institutet

A comprehensive approach to our senses