22 Excellent Research Projects to Receive Funding of SEK 640 Million

Learning more about how the brain and the nervous system control bodily movement and developing new materials for the electronics of the future are the aims of two of the 22 projects in receipt of funding.

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A new discovery has shown how a number of viruses are able to make use of a certain host protein to multiply. The discovery offers potential for developing drugs for acute viral infections such as HIV and influenza. “There is an urgent need to develop new antiviral drugs,” says Professor Leif Andersson, who is heading the research project.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Pontus Strimling hopes to use mathematical models so he can predict future changes in norms.
Wallenberg Clinical Scholar Per Svenningsson wants to find new ways of diagnosing and treating Parkinson’s disease.
The diplomatic world was long populated entirely by men. Now more and more women are being appointed ambassadors. What gender norms govern diplomacy, and how does this affect female diplomats? These are issues that Ann Towns, a Wallenberg Academy Fellow at the University of Gothenburg, wants to explore.