A new Nordic network in Nobel Prize–winning technology

KAW and Novo Nordisk Foundation support a network in cryoelectron microscopy


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Peder Olofsson believes in the potential offered by electrical nerve stimulation as an alternative way of treating inflammatory diseases. He is refining the technique and adding to our knowledge of how the nervous system controls the immune system at molecular level.
Methods to examine whether there is a causal link between two data series are one thing that Wallenberg Academy Fellow Joakim Westerlund wants to improve.
The goal of a five-year research program at Karolinska Institutet is to learn more about the cell’s powerhouse – the mitochondria – and explore new avenues of treatment for mitochondrial diseases.
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“Human superpowers” – autonomous systems in a nutshell. Researchers are using them to get computers, robots and other systems to master human skills so they can do things better, faster, more reliably and more intelligently than we can ourselves.