Mucus – something that many of us mainly associate with slugs, snails, colds and dribbling babies. But mucus actually plays an essential part in our lives. Research on mucus has been in progress at the University of Gothenburg for nearly 30 years, and now the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation is funding a new project involving in-depth study of mucus molecules. The aim is to find new therapies for lung diseases.
Ellen Moons is heading a project in which researchers at four universities are learning more about how the structure is formed in the photoactive layer of the solar cell. The aim is to improve their efficiency and scale up the technology.
By describing the stem cells from which blood cells are created, Wallenberg Academy Fellow Sidinh Luc hopes to gain a better understanding of this fundamental process in the body.
Monica Guica's goal is to understand the fundamental workings of gravity. To do so, she is developing theories in physics about black holes and holography. Her research involves advanced equations and string theory.