Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation donates SEK 280 million to forest research

The focus of the donation is on the fields of forest biology, forest genetics and forest production at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, Uppsala University, Umeå university and Science for Life Laboratory in Stockholm-Uppsala.

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Many people live without knowing they run a risk of suffering from serious diseases. They have no known risk factors, but nonetheless develop cardiovascular diseases or serious kidney disease. If they could be identified and helped in time, thousands of people could be spared suffering and premature death. Olle Melander at Lund University is looking for new tests and preventive therapies.
They hope to find out why quarks – the smallest constituents of matter – remain bound in protons and neutrons.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Zhen Zhang is exploring the advanced nanofabrication technology used in microelectronics to develop a lab-on-a-chip – a miniature laboratory capable of detecting low concentrations of ions in chemical and biological samples.
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“Human superpowers” – autonomous systems in a nutshell. Researchers are using them to get computers, robots and other systems to master human skills so they can do things better, faster, more reliably and more intelligently than we can ourselves.