By combining biomedicine, statistics and informatics, Ola Larsson is mapping regulation of protein production in cancer cells. His aim is to gain a fundamental understanding of why cancer cell growth is uncontrolled. It is hoped that it will be possible in the future to use drugs to restore order in cancer cells.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Janine Splettstößer is researching into nanoscale electronic circuits.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Martin Ott's goal is to understand how they synthesize proteins, and how proteins are built in the vital respiratory chain.
Nearly half a million bags of donated blood are used in the Swedish health care sector each year. The donor’s blood must always match that of the recipient. The main parameters are those of the “ABO” system, but there are numerous other blood groups. Martin L. Olsson’s research aims to improve matching techniques and make blood safer for patients. As a Wallenberg Clinical Scholar, he will also be studying the part played by red blood cells in infections and blood clot formation.