Please observe the following for requisitions: 

Remuneration is for actual costs incurred. Advances are granted only in exceptional cases. Supporting documents must always be enclosed.

  • In requisitions, consideration must always be given to budget, grant letter, and special conditions
  • A Profit & Loss statement (P&L) for the project from the accounting system for the project must always be enclosed
  • A summary of the P&L according to the same model as in the budget model must be drawn up in which any adjustments vis-à-vis the conditions of the grant are highlighted
  • The balancing requisition form must be completed and enclosed
  • Salary lists must be enclosed with information about individuals, salaries, and social charges
  • For individual large or abnormal cost items, further specifications must be enclosed, such as analysis list/general ledger/accounts statement and copies of invoices

Note that the grant recipient always has full responsibility as employer as well as responsibility for any scholarships awarded.

Funds may only be used for the purpose stated in the grant letter. Administrative costs or additional costs for unspecified purposes may not be offset against the grant.
The utilization period for the grant is stated in the grant letter. Prolongation will be accepted only in exceptional circumstances, and only upon written request. Any funds remaining undisbursed upon maturity of the grant period will automatically revert to the Foundation.

In requisitioning approved scholarships, the following must be observed: Disbursement of funds is done in accordance with the conditions of each respective scholarship program, as stated in the grant letter.


Disbursement requisitions received by the Foundation prior to the 10th day of each month are paid out at the end of that month, provided the requisition is correct.