The Foundation’s aim is to benefit Sweden by supporting Swedish basic research and education, mainly in medicine, technology, and the natural sciences. This is achieved through long-term grants to excellent researchers and to projects. The Foundation can also initiate grants to strategic projects and scholarship programs.

Grants for research projects

Research projects with high scientific potential

The Foundation supports projects with high scientific potential. Projects should be focused on a coherent research question where the complementary competencies of the participating scientists gives new possibilities to attack the chosen research question.
Projects normally have a budget of between SEK 15 million and SEK 50 million. Projects can have a duration of three to five years.
February 2018 Application deadline

Individual support of excellent scientists

Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2013 prolongation grant (years 6-10)

Wallenberg Academy Fellows who received their grant in 2013 can be nominated for another five years of funding. Up to 40 % of the original Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2013 may obtain an extension. Swedish Universities and institutions of higher education are invited to nominate Wallenberg Academy Fellows appointed 2013 for the prolongation.
April 2018 Application deadline

Wallenberg Scholars

This program focuses on Sweden’s leading senior researchers. It was implemented because researchers need long-term funding without the distraction of pressure to secure external grants in order to carry out world-class research. Swedish Universities and institutions of higher education are invited to nominate candidates.
May 2018 Application deadline

Wallenberg Clinical Scholars

The aim of the programme is to strengthen Swedish clinical research by means of identifying the best clinical researchers, providing them with good conditions to undertake their work, and facilitate the impact of research results in the scientific and healthcare communities. The programme provides funding over a ten-year period
for 25 of the country’s foremost clinical researchers.
October 2018 Application deadline

Nomination for the Wallenberg Academy Fellows program

The Foundation has decided to set up a long-term program for young researchers: Wallenberg Academy Fellows. The program addresses young researchers in medicine, natural sciences, engineering and technology, humanities and social sciences. 
Swedish Universities and institutions of higher education are invited to nominate candidates for the program. The call is announced every other year. Next call will be in 2019.
February 2019 Application deadline

Program for Mathematics

Program for Mathematics

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Science invites applications to the program for Mathematics

The program includes several parts:
• Nomination of guest professors
• Postdoctoral Scholarship Program in Mathematics for researchers from outside Sweden
• Postdoctoral Scholarship Program in Mathematics for researchers with a Swedish doctors degree

The foundation will support prominent researchers in Mathematics during 2014-2023.
October 2018 Application deadline


The Wallenberg Foundation Postdoctoral Fellowship Program at the Broad Institute

The Foundation has established a postdoctoral fellowship program for the purpose of bringing outstanding young Swedish scientists to study and perform research for one-to-two years at the Broad Institute.
November 2018 Application deadline

The Wallenberg Foundation Postdoctoral Scholarship Program at Stanford University

The Foundation has established a long term postdoctoral scholarship program at Stanford University. The purpose of the program is to bring outstanding young Swedish scientists to Stanford University for one to two years of postdoctoral study and research. The program is open for all disciplines of science.
November 2018 Application deadline