Autonomous systems are predicted to become the fourth industrial revolution. In Sweden, intensive research is ongoing. It's about smart systems in cities, systems that control vehicles and traffic systems, self-governing mines and warehouses, smart robots that can see and understand their surroundings.
Advanced software development, including deep learning and cloud robotics, are examples of what the researchers and PhD students at Wallenberg Autonomous Systems and Software Program, WASP, work with. Meet Bo Wahlberg, at KTH, who researches independent vehicles and traffic systems. Karl-Erik Årzén, who works to enable the super-fast calculations required, and his colleague at Lund University, Kalle Åström who teach robots to see and interpret their environment with the help of deep learning and the PhD student Linnea Persson, KTH, who is part of WASP graduate school.
Produced by Mediabruket 2017