Instruktioner E-ansökan stipendier

Application period

Please see the call.

Step 1 - Applicant
Name and personal information.

Step 2 - Accompanying family members
Fill in name and personal information for accompanying family members if applicable.
Please send the application for a grant for accompanying family members separately to the Foundation by e-mail to

Step 3 - Employer/institution
Fill in details of you current employment or current institution.

Step 4 - Exams
Fill in details of degree including university. If the exam is not yet completed, a letter from the main supervisor confirming the date of the exam must be included under other appendices, alternatively e-mailed to the Foundation

Step 5 - Host institution
Fill in intended host University, where you plan to spend you postdoc period.

Step 6 - Other scholarships
Confirm if other scholarships are applied for, will be applied for, or, already have been received.

Step 7 - Project summary (Step - Future career choice)
Write which scholarship you are applying for as a headline. A brief description of the planned research project in English (max. 2 000 char. incl. spaces)

Step 8 - References
Fill in contact information for references. Signed letters of recommendation from two separate persons must be submitted with the application as attachments in step 9, alternatively, sent by e-mail directly to the Foundation. If they are sent by e-mail, two empty documents must be attached in step 9 for technical reasons.


All appendices must be in English

Including a list of publications.

Personal letter
Write a short personal letter.

Planned research program
A brief description of the proposed research program and a description of the research profile of the intended host and supervisor, please see respective call for further details.

If you apply for the MAX IV scholarship or the Stanford scholarship a letter of recommendation/invitation from the suggested host should be attached to the application as an attachment (other appendices), alternatively be sent separately by e-mail to the Foundation

Fill in if you plan to apply for a grant for accompanying family members.

Letters of recommendation/Letters of support 1 and 2
Two separate letters of recommendation, containing a review of the planned research program, must be submitted, alternatively sent separately by e-mail to the Foundation. If they are sent separately, two empty documents must be attached for technical reasons.