The Foundation's efforts against the Corona virus

The Foundation has in total invested SEK 235 million on efforts against the Corona virus. The initiative consist of analytical materials, research projects and biobanks.

The National SciLifeLab-KAW COVID-19 Research program is extended

Ten projects within the program "COVID-19 vaccine effects" 

SEK 40 million for research on covid-19 vaccine

SEK 50 million for further Covid-19 research

SciLifeLab launches national COVID-19 research program together with Knut and Alice Wallenberg FoundationA total of 67 COVID-19 research projects are supported

Analytical materials, research projects and biobanks – Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation invest up to SEK 110 million on efforts against the Corona virus coordinated by SciLifeLab

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SEK 50 million for immediate increase in Corona testing in Sweden

The test material that will allow scientists to perform 5,000 Covid-19 analyses a day has arrived

SciLifeLab COVID-19 testing up and running at high speed

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Corona tests on its way – come along from the airport to the lab

Covid-19 research in progress