Grant Policy

Grants awarded in the following areas


Research projects

Grants for research projects with high scientific potential; researcher-initiated projects of the highest international standards focusing on a coherent scientific issue.
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Individual grants for outstanding researchers

The Foundation supports outstanding researchers in all disciplines through programs as Wallenberg Academy Fellows and Wallenberg Scholars.
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Strategic grants

Strategic grants are initiated by the Foundation or through discussion with representatives of the research community.

Scholarship programs

Announced occasionally in various subject areas.
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The Foundation’s policy is to award grants to basic research. Difficult research problem must often be addressed through collaboration across disciplinary boundaries that is why the Foundation gladly supports multidisciplinary research.

The Foundation awards grants to universities and similar research and education institutions.

Who can apply?

Principal investigators or research teams connected to a Swedish university or equivalent. An application can also be made by the management of the university or the royal scientific academies.

All applications to the Foundation must be prioritized by the vice-chancellor (or the equivalent) at the university where the principal investigator works.

Applications from investigators without connection to a scientific institution are not processed. No grants for individual education are awarded, except for the Foundation’s stipend programs.  


The Board of Director’s decision is communicated to the applicant by mail, and awarded grants are published on these webpages, as soon as the minutes are approved.


Research funded by the Foundation must be published with open access, that is, published articles must be archived in openly searchable databases. The respective university's rules apply to open access. The additional cost for this can be taken up as a direct cost in project applications.


Direct applications to the Foundation concerning travels, conferences fees etc. will not be accepted. Grants for new buildings or interior design or publishing are normally not accepted. Grants are only awarded to non-profit organizations.