The Foundation invest up to SEK 130 million on efforts against the Corona virus

Analytical materials, research projects and biobanks.

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Joanna Rorbach’s research centers on the powerhouses of our cells, structures known as mitochondria. She is studying how proteins are made in these structures – a process about which little is known, but which plays a key role in neurological diseases, ageing and cancer.
The aim is to treat more forms of cancer, and cure more patients.
Thoas Fioretos, a Wallenberg Clinical Scholar in Lund, is mapping genetic mutations in leukemia cells, and trying to understand which of them cause disease. This knowledge may lead to more accurate diagnoses and new therapies.
Wallenberg Clinical Scholar Eva Hellström-Lindberg believes collaboration between the research world and health care providers is essential. Humility and curiosity are her drivers as she strives to improve the long-term prognosis for patients suffering from various forms of blood cancer grouped under the umbrella term MDS – myelodysplastic syndrome.