20 ground-breaking research projects receive grants totaling SEK 640 million

New therapies for MS and aggressive brain tumors, development of solar cells and alternative fuels are just a few of the topics covered by the  projects.

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Nowadays we know that intestinal bacteria may play a major part in health and disease – but we don’t know how. Researchers in Gothenburg are now mapping the microbiota of thousands of people with high blood sugar, in their search for risk bacteria and healthy bacteria. The goal is to find ways of preventing and treating diabetes.
In current cancer treatment it can take weeks or months before doctors know whether a drug is working on a patient. The methods that Kallioniemi’s team is developing are intended to enable the care team to understand what is happening in the patient’s cells, even while treatment is still in progress.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Johan Östling is conducting a research project entitled “Humanities in motion”, in which he focuses on Sweden and West Germany in the 1960s and 1970s.
Hard surface coatings are something of a Swedish specialty. One-fifth of all cutting tools sold across the world come from Sweden. The explanation is rooted in years of research and development. But some materials remain to be explored. Researchers in Linköping are homing in on borides, a group of materials that are difficult to manufacture, but that can be both extremely hard, and superconductive.