South African ostriches and Swedish algae might be thought to have little in common. But both are helping Charlie Cornwallis, a Wallenberg Academy Fellow at Lund University, to understand how cooperation has shaped the complexity of the natural world.
At Linköping University Wallenberg Academy Fellow Daniel Aili is developing supporting and protective gels that can serve as an aid in a variety of applications, including cell culture and 3D-printing of organs.
Wallenberg Scholar Anna Blom is now studying C3, a protein that is well-known in blood, but that also seems to perform unexplored key functions inside our cells.
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Photo Mikael Wallerstedt
Wallenberg Scholar Mia Phillipson has discovered new functions of cells in the immune system. Although she is conducting pure scientific research, the findings may lead to new ways of treating diabetes, cardiovascular disease, cancer and chronic, slow-healing wounds.