A new Nordic network in Nobel Prize–winning technology

KAW and Novo Nordisk Foundation support a network in cryoelectron microscopy


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Impaired autophagy impacts a number of diseases, such as diabetes, obesity, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and ALS, as well as the ageing process. Autophagy is the cell’s cleaning squad. Its purpose is to clear detritus in the form of harmful molecules that can lead to mutations and aggregation of amyloids – protein clumps – which play a part in many diseases.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Andreas Dahlin is creating smart filters capable of separating and capturing individual molecules.
Mass migration raises questions about the limits of citizenship – who is included, who is excluded, and on what grounds? Wallenberg Academy Fellow Patricia Mindus believes that philosophy of law can help to formulate answers to these questions.
In many diseases, including cancer and heart attacks, swellings caused by fluid accumulation are a major problem. Five research teams specializing in vascular biology hope that greater molecular understanding of how these edemas occur will lead to new treatment methods and drugs.