Hard surface coatings are something of a Swedish specialty. One-fifth of all cutting tools sold across the world come from Sweden. The explanation is rooted in years of research and development. But some materials remain to be explored. Researchers in Linköping are homing in on borides, a group of materials that are difficult to manufacture, but that can be both extremely hard, and superconductive.
Researchers at Karolinska Institutet intend to map the mechanisms underlying this adaptability to see whether it can be exploited to fight breast cancer, and better predict tumor aggressiveness.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Oscar Agertz in Lund is using new kinds of models to try to link the large-scale galaxy-forming process to the small-scale star-forming one.
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Pneumococci are bacteria commonly found in the noses of healthy children. But they can also lead to severe infections, causing the death of about two million people every year. The research of Wallenberg Clinical Scholar Birgitta Henriques Normark focuses on why pneumococci sometimes cause diseases, and aims at gaining knowledge that eventually can contribute to better treatment.