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Researchers in Stockholm and Uppsala are producing a genetic atlas of human prehistory. The aim is to map the DNA of a thousand individuals from different parts of Europe and Asia over a time span of almost 50,000 years. The results will provide new knowledge about migration events, climate change and diseases – and perhaps new answers about mysterious disappearances in the past.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Christoph Langhammer will be expanding the field of nanoplasmonics by adding new elements and alloys.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Steffi Burchardt is studying extinct volcanoes, and the finds she is making in their hidden depths provide valuable insights.
Lymphatic vessels are found throughout the body, and play a key role in our immune system. But there is still much we do not know about the lymphatic system formation and the role it plays in various diseases. Wallenberg Academy Fellow Katarzyna “Kaska” Koltowska wants to study how growth of lymphatic vessels is regulated, knowledge that may pave the way for new therapies for lymphedema or cancer spread.