Researchers in Lund and Uppsala are using fundamental molecule-building techniques to create what may fairly soon become extremely useful. The idea is that modified iron molecules will form the basis for inexpensive solar cells, sustainable hydrogen gas production and more efficient catalytic converters.
Photo Juni Westerlund
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Joakim Westerlund wants to build on the theory to sort out the challenges as well as the potential.
Patrik Ernfors hopes that as a Wallenberg Scholar, he will be able to solve the puzzle from stem cell to cancer cell, and find a new treatment.
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Human biology has always fascinated Carmen Gerlach. Having been chosen as a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, she is exploring the workings of our immune system. If we can learn from nature’s own mechanisms, it may be possible to develop better vaccines and more effective immune therapies for cancer and various autoimmune diseases.