Intuition is a huge asset for people wanting to navigate their way around the world of mathematics. That, at any rate, is the opinion of Georgios Dimitroglou Rizell, researcher in mathematics at Uppsala University. As a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, he is tackling further development of symplectic geometry, a hot topic nowadays, with close links to physics and string theory.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Monica Guica's goal is to understand the fundamental workings of gravity.
As a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, Jonas Olofsson plans to find out more about how we store memories of smells. Among other things, the research may result in new methods for early detection of dementia, and ways of stimulating memory function using special olfactory games.
Mikael Oliveberg and his colleagues are using physics to understand the tiniest biological components, and complex diseases such as ALS. Their study of protein interaction in living cells has also put them on the trail of a new system for classifying organisms.