Program on COVID-19 vaccine effects

The KAW-supported SciLifeLab program on COVID-19 vaccine effects is now launched with ten new projects.

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A tendency to walk on tiptoe, repetitive gesticulation, nail-biting or banging of the head against a wall may be signs of a hereditary autism spectrum disorder. Emanuela Santini is studying the genes that control the symptoms, and is hoping to find an effective therapy.
Wallenberg Scholar Hans Hertz is the driving force behind one of the greatest innovations in the X-ray field since the 1930s. But the technique is yet to be used on humans.
As a Wallenberg Scholar, his aim is to identify the less explored relationships between known resistance genes and other genes in bacterial DNA, and how they interact with their surrounding environment.
Markus Schmid has discovered a genetically manipulated plant that reacts sharply to changes in temperature. Now he is trying to identify the mechanisms that make it so sensitive to its surroundings.