SEK 50 million for immediate increase in Corona testing in Sweden

This initiative will enable the academic institutions to make a contribution to medical care in the Stockholm–Uppsala region. If necessary, the Wallenberg Foundations also intend to make similar contributions in other parts of Sweden. 

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The test material that will allow scientists to perform 5,000 Covid-19 analyses a day has arrived

Wallenberg Clinical Scholars: SEK 60 million in funding for research physicians
This year’s Wallenberg Clinical Scholarsare aiming to find methods that slow the progression of Huntington’s disease, contribute to the development of more effective pain medication, refine the treatment of overweight, and cure rheumatoid arthritis. This is clinical research that can be of direct benefit in the healthcare system.

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Major funding to strengthen basic research in mathematics 
This year, sixteen leading mathematicians will receive funding. Advanced mathematics provides an important foundation for many other sciences and the development of new technology.

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Markus Schmid has discovered a genetically manipulated plant that reacts sharply to changes in temperature. Now he is trying to identify the mechanisms that make it so sensitive to its surroundings.
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As a Wallenberg Academy Fellow, Jonas Olofsson plans to find out more about how we store memories of smells. Among other things, the research may result in new methods for early detection of dementia, and ways of stimulating memory function using special olfactory games.
Studies of dog DNA over the past decade have revealed striking similarities between dogs and humans.
Genetics and forest management are coming together in a long-term initiative adopting a holistic approach to forest research. The aim is to develop forest management and cultivate new varieties of conifer that will produce greater yields even in the face of climate change.