We must learn to put one foot on the gas and one on the brake. At Karolinska Institutet six research teams are deploying an array of cutting-edge skills to find out how learning more about reactive oxygen radicals could both rationalize existing cancer therapy and drugs, and lead to the discovery of new ones.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Philipp Schlatter wants to take studies of turbulence to a new level. A virtual wind tunnel will show how an aircraft wing can be designed to reduce drag.
Terms such as “host” and “hospitality” are more complicated than they might at first appear. Wallenberg Academy Fellow Fataneh Farahani is now studying the impacts of the refugee crisis on hospitality.
In 2013 researchers in Lund confirmed the existence of a new, superheavy element. The discovery of element number 115 attracted enormous attention. Things have now calmed down at Fysicum in Lund, but the hunt for the heavyweights of the atomic world continues. It is not enough to synthesize them; they must also be identified and analyzed before they decay.