September - World Alzheimer's Month

Read the stories about Alzheimer's research supported by the Foundation. They are about everything from diagnosing Alzheimer's with blood tests before clear symptoms, methods of preventing Alzheimer’s, development of microchips to the mapping of the human body's proteins.
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Photo Spalding research group
Today, more people around the world die of obesity than of starvation. The answer to the obesity epidemic is healthier food and a less sedentary lifestyle. But we also need to know more about disease mechanisms in the body. One approach is to examine premature ageing in cells in adipose (fatty) tissue, and how this affects the development of type 2 diabetes and other metabolic diseases.
In this project the researchers want to understand every detail of processes that are absolutely essential for all life.
Historian Lotta Vikström is making a comprehensive study of their living conditions and ageing from the 19th century and forward.
Alexey Amunts’ research team is embarking on a project to map the atomic structure of the mitochondrial ribosome – the ingenious machine that ensures our cells convert food into energy. To this end, they are using a technique that has revolutionized the field in recent years: cryogenic electron microscopy.