KAW supported eLife is looking for a new Editor-in-Chief

eLife is seeking a new Editor-in-Chief to lead eLife’s efforts to improve the communication of new research findings across the life and biomedical sciences.

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Researchers in Lund are trying out an entirely new way of converting solar energy into electricity. They have enlisted the help of advanced nanotechnology, new theories, and a long-standing fascination with Nature’s own motors.
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Staffan I. Lindberg is one of the leaders in an international project entitled Varieties of Democracy. A database containing millions of items will be used to reveal the nature of democracy.
Artificial intelligence (AI) and quantum technology will change science, industry, healthcare and probably all sectors of society.
With the aid of modern drugs, patients with chronic myeloid leukemia (CML) can live a long and apparently healthy life. But if treatment is discontinued, the cancer returns straight away. The reason is a handful of hidden cancer cells that survive the treatment. To date, researchers have had no means of finding them, and therefore little is known about how they work. Göran Karlsson at Lund University  wants to change that.