Materials science for a sustainable world – SEK 3 billion to new research initiatives

“This is a powerful, hands-on initiative for a more sustainable world. To achieve the important climate and environmental goals, we need to reduce our footprints from the materials we use in our daily lives and in the industries. The initiative will build knowledge contributing to the achievement of the targets set under UN Agenda 2030 and the Paris Agreement,” says Peter Wallenberg Jr, Chair of Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation.

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27 new Wallenberg Academy Fellows appointed – over half are women

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Photo Niklas Björling
Over half of our drugs impact proteins found on the cell membrane. These include the membrane proteins that regulate uptake of sugar by cells. Wallenberg Scholar David Drew is breaking new ground by adding to our understanding of the structure and function of transport proteins. 
Photo Erik Cronberg
Wallenberg Academy Fellow Christian Göritz is studying the mechanisms underlying the formation of scar tissue. The goal is to control scarring, an ability that may ultimately lead to new therapies.
Inspired by photosynthesis from the plant world, an interdisciplinary research team now aims to find new, virtually waste-free production methods.
Over the past twenty years new discoveries have come thick and fast out of Magnus Berggren’s research laboratory. Just recently, for instance, the lab produced the first ever material that can change from a solid phase to a gel with the help of electricity.