SEK 40 million for research on covid-19 vaccine

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation has allocated SEK 40 million to SciLifeLab for research on the efficacy and function of covid-19 vaccines.

Press release

Mitochondria are often described as the powerhouses of the cell and play an essential part in the body. If the mitochondria do not work properly, the result may be serious diseases for which there are currently no effective therapies. Researchers are now studying the unknown mechanisms that regulate mitochondrial function with a view to opening the way for new potential therapies.
Wallenberg Scholar Martin Högbom wants to understand how nature performs advanced chemistry.
Over the past twenty years new discoveries have come thick and fast out of Magnus Berggren’s research laboratory. Just recently, for instance, the lab produced the first ever material that can change from a solid phase to a gel with the help of electricity.