Twenty-nine young researchers become Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2019

This year’s Fellows will study everything from how Linnaeus inspired citizen science, the atmosphere of the oldest stars in the Milky Way, and energy conversion in cells, to how infant immune systems are affected by the environment.

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For almost 30 years Mats Wahlgren has conducted research on a parasite called Plasmodium falciparum, which causes severe malaria. One major problem, he explains, is that it develops resistance to drugs. A project involving four research teams is now testing a new approach – attempting to kill the parasite by blocking protein formation in its own cells.
“There is an urgent need to develop new antiviral drugs,” says Professor Leif Andersson, who is heading the research project.
At Linköping University Wallenberg Academy Fellow Daniel Aili is developing supporting and protective gels that can serve as an aid in a variety of applications, including cell culture and 3D-printing of organs.
Claes Ohlsson has analyzed the genes of people with brittle bones – osteoporosis. He has discovered genetic changes that increase the risk of fractures. As a Wallenberg Clinical Scholar, he wants to use this new knowledge to develop better diagnostic methods and drugs.