22 Excellent Research Projects to Receive Funding of SEK 640 Million

Learning more about how the brain and the nervous system control bodily movement and developing new materials for the electronics of the future are the aims of two of the 22 projects in receipt of funding.

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Living cells are built so they can let exactly the right substances pass in and out through their membranes. Can the mechanism be copied? At Chalmers University of Technology Andreas Dahlin has accepted the challenge. He is creating smart filters capable of separating and capturing individual molecules.
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The research of Wallenberg Clinical Scholar Birgitta Henriques Normark focuses on why pneumococci sometimes cause diseases, and aims at gaining knowledge that eventually can contribute to better treatment.
One hope is that the new method will make it easier to locate and diagnose tumors at an early stage.
Anders Nilsson and his fellow researchers are using X-ray lasers to study in real time how chemical catalysis can be used to convert carbon dioxide into ethylene, for example. The team hopes that this knowledge will result in new technologies for local production of fuels and materials. The vision is a more robust society.