The Foundation supports long-term, free basic research beneficial to Sweden. Read below about the grants that have been awarded during the last years.

Research projects

In 2022 Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation awarded SEK 700 million in grants to 23 research projects offering high scientific potential.
Awarded grants

Wallenberg Academy Fellows

During 2023 were 31 researchers admitted as Wallenberg Academy Fellows. Since the program started in 2012, 261 young researchers have become Wallenberg Academy Fellows.
Awarded grants
261Wallenberg Academy Fellows

Wallenberg Academy Fellows prolongation grants

Wallenberg Academy Fellows is a long-term program that addresses young researchers. In the end of the first five-year period the Wallenberg Academy Fellows can be nominated for another five years of funding. During 2022 were 15 researchers admitted a Wallenberg Academy Fellows prolongation grant.
Awarded grants
15Prolongation grants

Wallenberg Scholars

The program focuses on Sweden’s leading senior researchers One key principle is that the grants can be freely used for research for five years with no restrictions. 

Awarded grants

Wallenberg Clinical Scholars

4 Wallenberg Clinical Scholars were admitted in 2020. 24 grants will be awarded to Sweden's foremost clinical researchers during a ten-year period.
Awarded grants
24 Clinical Scholars

Wallenberg Clinical Scholars prolongation grants

In 2023, four Wallenberg Clinical Scholars have been granted an extended grant for another five years. 
Awarded grants
600 Million

Program for mathematics

In order for Sweden to regain an international, cutting edge position in Mathematics, the Foundation, in collaboration with the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, will support prominent researchers in Mathematics during 2014-2030. 17 researchers received grants during 2023.
Awarded grants
650 Million

Young senior mathematics researchers 

The funding of recruitment of young senior mathematics researchers to Sweden complements the program for mathematics.
Awarded grants
50 Million

Scholarship programs

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation occasionally announces calls for scholarships in areas of strategic importance to Swedish research. During the end of 2022 there were three calls for scholarships programs.
Awarded grants

Strategic Grants

Strategic grants are initiated by the Foundation as a complement to investigator-initiated projects. A strategic project must, besides the requirement of strategic relevance, maintain the highest scientific quality and promote the development of the country.
Awarded grants

Sustainability related research

Project grants and individual grants such as Wallenberg Academy Fellows and Wallenbergs Scholars that fall within the area of ​​sustainability are listed below.
Awarded grants