Wallenberg Clinical Scholars 2020

Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation is investing almost SEK 600 million over a ten-year period in the research program Wallenberg Clinical Scholars. The programme provides funding for 24 of the country’s foremost clinical researchers.

The aim of the program is to strengthen Swedish clinical research by means of identifying the best clinical researchers, providing them with good conditions to undertake their work, and facilitate the impact of research results in the scientific and healthcare communities.

Wallenberg Clinical Scholars is part of a ten-year initiative amounting to a total of SEK 2.5 billion, undertaken by Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation to strengthen medical research and the life sciences.

Wallenberg Scholars 2020

Håkan Olausson, chief physician and professor in clinical neuroscience 
Linköping University

Newly discovered nerve fibers offer clues on pain relief


Åsa Petersén, chief physician in psychiatry and professor of Neuroscience 
Lund University

Research into early symptoms of Huntington’s disease may yield new therapies

Mikael Rydén, chief physician and professor of clinical and experimental fat tissue research
Karolinska Institutet

Finding obesity-related diseases in fatty tissue