Wallenberg Academy Fellows 2015

Wallenberg Academy Fellows, the career programme for young researchers launched by the Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation in 2012, provides long-term funding for young, promising Swedish and foreign researchers from all academic fields. This year twenty-nine new researchers are appointed to the programme.

(In cases where the nominating university differs from the researcher’s current university, the nominating university is named in parentheses).


Associate Professor Fataneh Farahani
Stockholm University

The impact of the refugee crisis on hospitality

Dr. Graham Emil Leigh
Vienna University of Technology (University of Gothenburg)

Reflecting on truth with the help of logic

Dr. Mia Liinason
University of Gothenburg

Activism researcher tackles cross-border affiliations

Dr. Ana María Mora-Márquez
University of Gothenburg

Understanding Aristotle’s view of language and science


Dr. Pontus Gourdon
Lund University

Protein close-ups pave the way for better drugs

Dr. Göran Karlsson
Lund University

Finding ways to fight cancer stem cells

Associate Professor Erik Larsson Lekholm
University of Gothenburg

Ultraviolet light in the lab yields new findings on skin cancer

Dr. Andrea Puhar
Umeå University

Seeking cures for inflammation

Dr. Nasim Sabouri
Umeå University

Four-stranded DNA in a new type of cancer therapy

Dr. Petter S. Woll
University of Oxford (Karolinska Institutet)

Seeking the origins of blood cancer cells

Natural Sciences

Dr. Emil Johansson Bergholtz
Freie Universität Berlin (Stockholm University)

Stable knots – materials of the future

Associate Professor Andreas Dahlin
Chalmers University of Technology

Capturing single molecules in smart filters

Dr. Aleksandra Foltynowicz-Matyba
Umeå University

Toward a better understanding of exoplanetary spectra

Dr. Monica Guica
Uppsala University

Gravity, black holes and holograms

Dr. Frank Johannes
Technische Universität München (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences)

Research in brief

Dr. Peter Kasson
University of Virginia (Uppsala University)

How viruses enter the body’s cells

Associate Professor Josefin Larsson
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Stellar explosions

Associate Professor Ilona Riipinen
Stockholm University

Improving climate models by learning more about aerosol particles

Dr. David Seekell
University of Virginia (Umeå University)

New model reveals early signs of climate change

Associate Professor Jonas Strandberg
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Looking for new Higgs particles to explain the dark mysteries of the universe

Dr. Sebastiaan Swart
University of Cape Town (University of Gothenburg)

Diving for knowledge under Antarctic sea ice

Social Science

Associate Professor Erik Domellöf
Umeå University

How the brain plans movements

Engineering Sciences

Dr. Chris Biemann
Technische Universität Darmstadt (University of Gothenburg)

Research in brief

Associate Professor David Black-Schaffer
Uppsala University

Smart computer memory saves energy

Associate Professor Dimos Dimarogonas
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Multi-robot systems working with humans

Associate Professor Per Eklund
Linköping University

Making use of wasted energy

Dr. Anna Herland
Linköping University

Recreating congenital disorders on a chip 

Associate Professor Zhen Zhang
Uppsala University

Lab of the future on a biochip