Research projects 2011

Research projects with high scientific potential

The Knut and Alice Wallenberg Foundation wants to support and encourage some of the most successful researchers in Sweden and give them the best conceivable conditions for research as possible. In 2011, SEK 752 million in funds were granted for 26 projects with the potential of leading to scientific breakthroughs.

Project: Autoimune Diseases

Principal Investigator: Professor Tomas Olsson, Karolinska Institutet
Grant: SEK 57 232 000

They hope to dispel the mysteries surrounding MS and rheumatoid arthritis

Project: New markers predicting glioma

Principal Investigator: Professor Bengt Westermark, Uppsala University
Grant: SEK 12 672 000

First step toward new treatments for brain tumors

Project: The mucus layer and microbita

Principal Investigator: Professor Gunnar C. Hansson, University of Gothenburg
Grant: SEK 28 178 000

Mucus research enhances knowledge of major public health diseases

Project: Swedish Arctic Ocean

Principal Investigator: Professor Örjan Gustafsson, Stockholm University
Grant: SEK 45 859 000

Methane from the Arctic hard-to-judge force in climate change

Project: Clinical epigenetics of acute leukemia

Principal Investigator: Professor Karl Ekwall, Karolinska Institutet
Grant: SEK 41 860 000

Epigenetics provides hope for more effective treatment of acute leukemia

Project: New anti effective therapies

Principal Investigator: Professor Artur Schmidtchen, Lund University
Grant: SEK 42 348 000

Body’s own substances complement antibiotics

Project: Catalysis in selective organic synthesis

Principal Investigator: Professor Jan-Erling Bäckvall, Stockholm University
Grant: SEK 44 043 000

Building contractors in the molecular world

Project: Bacterial modulation of early clearing

Principal Investigator: Professor Birgitta Henriques Normark, Karolinska Institutet
Grant: SEK 25 835 000

She wants to defuse pneumococcal bacteria

Project: The search for colon cancer genes

Principal Investigator: Professor Erik Johansson, Umeå University
Grant: SEK 30 070 000

The hunt for the hereditary colon cancer gene

Project: Power Papers

Principal Investigator: Professor Magnus Berggren, Linköping University
Grant: SEK 35 386 000

Recyclable paper electronics created in Norrköping

Project: The artificial leaf: light-driven

Principal Investigator: Professor Johannes Messinger, Umeå university
Grant: SEK 40 376 000

An artificial leaf – a solution to part of our energy problems?

Project: Anti obesity therapy

Principal Investigator: Professor Sven Enerbäck, University of Gothenburg
Grant: SEK 42 643 000

Body’s brown fat a weapon in the struggle against obesity

Project: Ultimate Vision

Principal Investigator: Professor Dan E. Nilsson, Lund University
Grant: SEK 34 908 000

Animal eyes inspire new camera technology

Project: Molecular solar energy science

Principal Investigator: Professor Anders Hagfeldt, Uppsala University
Grant: SEK 48 071 000

Solar energy approaching new breakthroughs

Project: Genes to function, autoimmune diseases

Principal Investigator: Professor Ann-Christine Syvänen, Uppsala University
Grant: SEK 23 786 000

Genetic discovery at Uppsala may explain serious women’s disease

Project: Photon science and x-ray lasers

Principal Investigator: Professor Janos Hajdu, Uppsala University
Grant: SEK 36 550 000

X-ray laser depicts the essence of life

Project: The Swedish graphene initiative

Principal Investigator: Professor Mikael Fogelström, Chalmers University of Technology
Grant: SEK 40 844 000

Graphene can revolutionize future electronics

Project: Isotopic control material properties

Principal Investigator: Professor Erik Janzén, Linköping University
Grant: SEK 18 105 000

The quest for tomorrows high-performance materials

Project: Aerotaxy, to grow nanowire

Principal Investigator: Professor Lars Samuelson, Lund University 
Grant: SEK 18 889 000

Nanowires can solve the world’s energy problems

Project: Controlling quantum coherence 

Principal Investigator: Professor Tönu Pullerits, Lund University 
Grant: SEK 37 652 000

Energy flow in plants can pave the way for superfast computers

Project: Droplet, microfluids, nanovires 

Principal Investigator: Professor Jan Linnros, KTH Royal Institute of Technology
Grant: SEK 33 008 000

Nanowires that detect cancer cells – future diagnostic tool?

Project: The SGC project, Karolinska Institutet

Final grant: SEK 3 000 000